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What We Offer You


General English

Learn English language and communication skills for everyday tasks.

Soft Skills Training

Build your rapport with colleague, clients and seniors with your communication skills.

PTE Coaching

Understand the do's and don'ts of interview skills. Mock interviews are a great way to practise.

IETLS Coaching

Prepare for the IELTS Academic or General with a licenced and experienced trainer.

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Why Choose Us ?

Gain Self-Belief

Regular English speaking practise with your tutor can help you practise more. You will realise your opportunities, and you will gradually build confidence.

Be precise.

Your teacher assists you in identifying grammatical errors and appropriately framing phrases. You will also learn appropriate pronunciation and articulation.

Improve Your Fluency

You'll learn how to communicate with appropriate pauses and gaps. You'll also learn about the elements that influence your fluency. You will achieve fluency through interactive sessions with and assistance.

Communication that is effective

Learn proper pronunciation, intonation, sense of proportion, articulation, and voice modulation. Practise your English speaking brevity and sentence construction.

Eliminate MTI

Your teacher will assist you in understanding the distinctions between regional dialects. Several listening activities and continuous practise with on-the-spot correction can assist you in overcoming MTI.

Workplace Competencies

Learn how to use your knowledge and excellent communication skills in the context of your job. Learn proper email etiquette, meeting manners, and presentation skills, among other things. Develop your relationship.

Our Online Live English Speaking Courses

You may enroll for either of the below-mentioned four courses as per your requirements.We have specialized and certified trainers according to the course.

Arnold Black

Unicoach`s Founder
About Your Course

You will receive a one-on-one interactive spoken English class at your convenience.

Personalised Online English Course

During counselling, we analyse your difficulties and your goals. Following an evaluation, we personalise and customise the syllabus of your online English course based on your level, career, and specific needs.

One On One Live Interactive Conversation Class

Following your counselling and evaluation For the duration of the sessions, you will be allocated to a single trainer. You receive adequate exposure to study and practise English speaking with a qualitied, experienced, specialised, and certified trainer at your leisure.

Online Study Materials

Your tutor recognises your errors in the dialogue and provides immediate feedback. You will be given study materials to help you improve your grammar, reading writing, listening, and speaking abilities.


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When you come to coaching or counseling, we work with you, your situation / issue and together we find the best solution for you. All the tools we will use


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